Archives for January 2008

Last day off

I am sitting here watching my kids playing outside. It has been so nice having this time to relax and enjoy being home. So that means back to school tomorrow. At least they only have 2 days this week. Report cards come home next week. So they needed this time. They seem to be OK thou. Now I … [Read more...]

Five Days OFF

Friday is here and I am very happy. Two girls are home and ready to enjoy some much needed fun. The other will be home shortly.School expects a lot from the kids right now. They are learning some great stuff but there is not much time to socialize and they need that too. I think the girls would … [Read more...]

Busy Mom

Wow I have not had much time to do anything. The Army has Daddy at a school in Atlanta and the girls have so much school stuff it is just busy. It is the end of the grading period here and I thought great it will be an easy week and Dad is gone so perfect. NOT! They are trying get more grades I … [Read more...]

Slowing Down

Well I am sitting here waiting to here from a close friend about funeral arrangements. I have been so busy trying to clean up from Christmas make a plan on how to get organized and try to get healthy(lose weight). I am sure this sounds familiar. So I get a call telling me my girlfriend's mom is … [Read more...]

Opening My Heart:)

OK here I am. I bet you can not believe it. So today is the first day that my life as the spouse of a solider is going to be an open book. I am going to take this time to let my family and friends in on the life of "The Army Brats and Me". Wow this is going to weird at first. As I am learning … [Read more...]