Busy Mom

Wow I have not had much time to do anything. The Army has Daddy at a school in Atlanta and the girls have so much school stuff it is just busy. It is the end of the grading period here and I thought great it will be an easy week and Dad is gone so perfect. NOT! They are trying get more grades I guess so the girls have had so many test to study for. Papers and books flying everywhere. But… tomorrow is Friday and then we get 5 days off!!! So we are going to just have fun. I am excited.
Catch ya up on my time in Charlotte. It was so nice to see the people that I did. I sure miss everyone. Anyway my girlfriend’s (mom) funeral arrangements were very nice and sweet. I thought that her and her sisters did a great job and I think everyone knows she is in a better place. I think she is still dealing both parents gone but they are together and I think that is worth celebrating. She is great friend and I was glad I could be there.
I am looking so forward to this weekend just wish my sister was coming. Her husband was going to surprise her and I think a few things came up so that is OK. Miss them thou. Well my wishes for today:
Jonathon to have a special touch of luck come his way.
Joan’s family to begin to heal
Mike safe trip
I hope my children have a sweet day and that someone gives them something to smile about.
Well this busy mom is off and running.Love to all