Oh My…….

Oh my goodness. It has been forever. I missed NK’s deals. I am so behind on everything. Mike has been sick for 11 days. Still do not know what is wrong. They have taken blood everything came back normal. He can not eat. He has lost 15lbs. (Why not me) When he does try to eat because he feels hungry he throws it up or it comes out the other way??? I have been looking on line and there are so many things that can be wrong? But what, no one knows. I have been looking into homepathic meds and I ran across Nux Vomica. I starting reading and it seems to work on lower GI and some other things. (long story) I have actually become very interested and hope to learn more. Anyway I went to the Health food store and I bought some and he has had 2 days worth. So I hope after tomorrow it starts to work. He is out of the bed today. Is in the mind (my mind) or is it working? Anway I can not wait to catch up on my week. Healthier tomorrows:)