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Strange- God or not

I love the way things happen when you are not excepting it to. I have been diving into learning how to get into homeschooling. I found stuff for math and LA. I figured that there would be plenty of great ways that I could work with the girls. I was sitting here thinking about science, SS, Geo … [Read more...]

Lots of info

ok I have spent the last week researching homeschooling. I have learned so much. I think I have all the info I need to get started. My goal was to get organized and learn as much as I can so I would be prepared for the Fall. I have met 2 women who have been more than willing to help me. So it … [Read more...]

Blog Land-help

Ok I spend the morning looking at different stuff. So I need some help. I know you are out there. I was so surprised to see how much info and support is out there. So her I go! I have a 7, 9,11 year old and I am interested in homeschooling the girls this coming fall. I am looking for some … [Read more...]


OK so yesterday was my birthday. It was a day of surprises and fun for this Mommy. I got to sleep dog walking, no hungry babies no nothing. It was great. When I woke up at 10 YES 10 I was lead into the dinning room. I sat in my chair with a sweet birthday balloon. In front of me was a … [Read more...]

Having a good week

So this week is the first week in a long time that I have focused on me. Not the kids, dad, house or the dogs. Can you believe it! I have been eating really good and working out tons. I am so sore but I do feel good. I think this is what I needed to give me the boost. I am getting ready to go to … [Read more...]