OK so yesterday was my birthday. It was a day of surprises and fun for this Mommy. I got to sleep in….no dog walking, no hungry babies no nothing. It was great. When I woke up at 10 YES 10 I was lead into the dinning room. I sat in my chair with a sweet birthday balloon. In front of me was a delicious plate of fresh fruit(strawberries, pineapple, r-berries etc) drizzled in chocolate and whipped cream. Oh it was yummy. A blueberry bagel and a Starbucks strawberry drink. I almost could not get up. After we ate I opened my cards and of course they all give me one that says something about being the favorite. A girl thing I think. Each of the girls painted a plate that I can hang up in the dinning room. They were so cool. I also got three tea roses for my front porch. Pink, yellow and red. They look beautiful. We are going to paint the pots for them to go in. The girls helped me dust and straighten my room and bathroom up. That took a while. For lunch they made me a scrumptious salad….eggs, cheese, berries and everything you can put in a salad. I again did not think I could move. They went out to play while I got to rest like a princess because I was soooooooooooooo tried from all the great food. We later went shopping and finished off the night with???????????? Yes dinner. They took me out and I had an incredible dinner. It was a lot of fun and they were so excited. I was so full from eating all day (I don’t think I need to eat for a while) that we got ready for bed. In my room was fresh sheets and rose petals that my little one did for me. So that was my princess for a day story. And I slept happily all night long!!!

Thanks to my little angels