Strange- God or not

I love the way things happen when you are not excepting it to. I have been diving into learning how to get into homeschooling. I found stuff for math and LA. I figured that there would be plenty of great ways that I could work with the girls. I was sitting here thinking about science, SS, Geo and History and so on. Well I was cleaning my baker rack on the front porch. When I got to the top shelf I saw a beautiful nest. I asked my husband if he put it there? He said No?? Did the girls do it? I asked them and the answer was no. I started looking at the nest w/o messing too much. It was cool. So thought threw. The outside was made of strong old twigs made in a perfect circle. The inside was made of the soft and comfy hay/straw/twig. It was so interesting to think how the mom and dad know just what to do. The girls and I are now having a blast watching the beautiful miracle of starting a new little life. The mama layed her first blue egg on Sat and 2 on Sun and her last one Mon. She has been keeping her eggs so warm. Last night it got cold here and she stayed tight in her nest. This morning she left I guess to eat. We were watching and another bird came to the end of my porch. All the sudden the Dad flew up and stood on the nest and guarded them until mama came back. It was awesome. We are now waiting day by day to watch and eager to learn!! So did this just fall in my lap or is God telling me everything is going to be OK:)