Catch up Day 1

Hey there! Trying to get better. The girls did good on their EOG’s. Thank goodness it is almost over. It has been interesting. The girls have had soooooo much to do this week and with me being sick has made it crazy.

So because of Nicki I blog when I can. The life of an Army family can be fun but hard sometimes. Never the same school, never the same house, never the same people for long anyway. This is a long (20yr) lesson that is going to make us a well rounded family (i hope). When my husband said he wanted to serve his country he made the commitment and has been going “Army Strong” for 17yrs! Thanks to all my friends I have made along the way.

I will start posting deals as I run across them. It has been fun but I have been out of it for a week. I found all of these through different blogs. Please correct me if I miss something. Remember I am new to this so I dont want anyone to jump me. Lots of trials and free stuff to try. Go to and click on free samples: view all and start filling out for what you want. I think they change every few weeks or so. I already see my mailbox filling. Pretty cool!

Start signing up for rebates at ace hardware: Lots of free stuff sorry I did not get this post out I was so sick but they had 5 things for free. So get ready for the next big sale.
( I missed it too I was in bed)

To come deals
online coupons

See ya soon for Day 2