Tot Trade/craiglist

I have been so busy moving stuff out. I have spend the last week pulling stuff from the attic garage boxes and everywhere. I am pricing things for Tot Trade in Charlotte. I also have been putting stuff on craigslist. It is a lot of work but kinda fun. I did not realize how many Halloween costumes that I had. I guess I never got rid of any. Three girls equals a lot of stuff. The only thing that is getting in my way is: Oh, ooooh, I love that, I need that, mommmmmmmy….All the sudden my girls want to hang on me and lean over my shoulder. Funny they have not worn or played with this stuff in forever. Saying bye to the barbie jeep yesterday (had since 5yrago) was sad. Oh well they are better today. They are just trying on costumes. Wish me luck!!

Important Post: A prayer chain request. My girls have found a star and it is called HOPE. I would like everyone to look up at night and prayer for a little girl who is going to need surgery(kidney). Her mom is a very good friend and they need your prayers. So don’t forget to look for the biggest/shiniest star and make a wish for her. She will be listening. Thanks

Update on the girls tomorrow
Love and happiness