Where is the Summer going?

It seems that I always have so much to get done over the Summer. Clean the attic, garage and get organized. The biggest one to get geared up for the up coming school year. So lets see what have I done??? Oh yeah played with the kids, saw a few movies, read a few books and slept in almost every morning. Oh well. This year is going to be way different. I will be homeschooling the two younger ones and Alexa will be going but they are changing to uniforms. She is kicking and screaming all the way. I have been checking places for the best price and of course the most STYLE! So pray for us every morning.

Oh by the way the ORDERS are on the way. (if you are not military:time to move or not)

Is your mail box getting full? If you follow me on Fridays it will. I love free:)

Another beautiful day. Take some time to think of someone looking down on you from those wonderful skies.