I had a MRI on Monday. That was interesting. When they slide you in it closes in on you. So for 45 minutes with an IV in my arm I laid on my stomach. Hot? Yes Hard to stay still? Yes. As soon as I was done I called my Dr and I could not believe that she already had my results. Mike and I pulled over on the side of the road to hear. The doctor said that is saw a small 4mm nodule. She wanted to see me T or W to biopsy it. The thought of that made me sick. I just had this on the 12th.

Yesterday morning she (dr) called to biopsy me. It took about an hour for everything. They found 2 places to biopsy and send off to the pathologist. My results are suppose to be ready on Thurs.

So many questions I have. Not sure what to think??Do I just have breast cancer? Why is it in my lump node? Is there more to come? It is not in my family? Why do I have it? I am 38 why now? Scared and Confused! I need answers! Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am hoping to see the oncologist also. What is in my future I don’t know?

Thanks for all your prayers-I am use to praying for and helping everyone and now being on the other side has some taking use to.

Leaning on God to give these doctors the knowledge to allow me to take care of my girls while they are so young. Please remember the girls do not know. Thanks