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This is Mike, I want to thank PENTA WATER/ Bio Hydration for sending us 5 cases of water as well as coupons to use for Penta water. This water taste great to Cindy even though her taste buds are affected by treatment. Thanks again Jay Josafat and Elgin Gilbert. … [Read more...]

Day 19-Almost done with this go around

Today was a good day. Just started to look at the next few days. Tomorrow I am going to journal about the events for Friday. My mom is coming in on Thurs. My MIL is still here. She is helping with cooking and cleaning which I am thankful for. Thanks Yaya!Of course it is about that time for … [Read more...]

Day 18-Picture the future you want and claim it!

MADISON(MY BABY) and DaddyWell today I felt good. I have not taken any medicine in 3 days. The girls are doing great. So I am trying to get mentally prepared for Friday. I will go over my day on Wednesday. I will need your support. I want to get focus, positive and feeling good. I have been back on … [Read more...]

Day 17- Feeling Blue but not feeling sick

I am feeling good over all. Last night I just got so emotional. It was terrible. I could not believe that how scared I was feeling. I was having all of these thoughts. I was not feeling right at all. I could not get the feeling of dying out of my mind. It was terrible and I felt so lost. I am not … [Read more...]

Day 16- Good day with my Savannah

The girls are cutting my hair! I thought it was a good idea to get them involved. Savannah and me hanging out today. The date on the picture is wrong. We were trying on hats today. Next will be wig fun:) If you see any cute hats or scarfs let me know.She is making me feel better about my hair:) … [Read more...]

Good News

This is Mike again, Cindy didnt share the great news with all of you... We found out yesterday that I made the E-8 promotion list. My sequence # is 42 out of 80 being promoted. This is great news for our family, our current situation and our future. Thanks again for all the love and support that … [Read more...]

Day 15- Scalp hurts/Memory is terrible-lose my water all the time:)

I have another good day. I am just dealing with my sensitive scalp right now. My hair is flying in the wind. I guess they were right at the cancer center. Today is 2 weeks. I will try to get a picture of myself over the weekend so you can see my hair. I got it cut a few weeks ago. I will be … [Read more...]

Day 14 Game time

I am feeling great today. I hope this stays the same. The only thing is I keep feeling a little knot on my right side mid area. It scares me. I hope it is not anywhere else so just say a little prayer that it is nothing. Next appt is on the 3rd of Oct.Well I made the game. It started to rain right … [Read more...]

Day13 The day is coming…

Another good day. I felt pretty good today. I went through and did my regular routine. By the afternoon was tired so I took this body to rest:) I talked to the nutritionist and she said that my counts were very good so go ahead and eat more raw veggies and fruit while I can so I did and it was good! … [Read more...]

Day 12 Good day-half way done with 1st

I actually cleaned my house and homeschooled today! I was so excited. I woke up today a little weak at first. I was able to drive Alexa to school this morning. It felt good:)I went and had my labs done today and they were happy with my white, red and platelet counts. They seemed surprise. Of course … [Read more...]