Day 1

I am home now. Today was extremely scary. I was shaking all the way to the cancer center. My Mom and Mike kept me positive and promised me that they would not leave me. I had my labs done first and then an IV started. It is a weird feeling when think you are about to receive toxic drugs through your veins. Of course no one was my age or even close. I was the only newbie there too. The nurses were all nice and walk me through everything slowly. I loved the pharmacist. He spent a lot of time helping me understand every medicine that they were giving me and everything that I will be taking at home. He told me what to expect. I was there for about 4 1/2 hours. I will be losing my hair in about 2 weeks. I love my hair but it is in the plan. It was an ok experience. Better than I thought.

How am I feeling?? I feel very heavy, I feel seasick and nervous. I am keeping myself full of meds so that I can try not to be too sick. It is a strange feeling. I try to tell myself that I am fighting against something that is so nasty and it wants to fight back and I just cant let it. I continue to look at my wrist. I will update you tomorrow if I am feeling ok.

I felt your love and knew you were praying. I am through with the 1st treatment. I have 5 more to go. Pray for peace in this happy body. Pray that in coming days I can tolerate this. If not they will back off.

God thank you for blessing me with my blog and the beautiful people that are pulling me through! I truly love you all.

The girls are great! Mike was wonderful and mom was well my mom. You are never too old to need your mom(glad my is a RN)

Love to all

Pray for healing:)