Day 10- Filling orders :)

Ok well today I was sore but my body is doing what it is suppose to. I am still running a fever on and off. Not sure why but as long as it stays below 101. I am fine. At this time I am pretty weak but hanging in there. My sister and family came to visit so it was nice to have them here. I have been taking it slow today.
I did want to show you Alexa with her bracelets. Thanks Steph for your help. She is about done with your orders as of now. So if anyone would like one you can just let us know. It will keep her busy. Yvonne and Cindy yours will be in the mail tomorrow!! Michele yours are done but I need your address. I HOPE and BELIEVE you will love them. Thanks for your support.
Well keep praying hard for me. It is a wonderful feeling and I thank you so much. Also thank you for supporting my mom and sister. They are getting excited and ready to walk in Charlotte to fight for a CURE!! If you would like to watch their website to see the goals be met you can look back at the post and click on the link. Here is my moms: Love and fighting hard Cindy
Thank you so much for your time and support in the fight against breast cancer! Every step counts!Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure P.O. Box 601597Charlotte, NC 28260-1597
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