Day 11 Much Better Day AMEN

I woke up to feeling so good. Homeschooling went great and we covered a lot. Mike made breakfast and lunch for me and I still felt good. I was able to go for a ride in the car to check my PO box. I did not get out just to be safe from germs but it was nice to get out. Thanks for all the cards this week!

It really means so much to me so thanks a bunch. I am running a low grade fever but I hope it continues to stay in control. Thank you God for that!! I talked to my pharmacist today and he said that I was doing good. He also said that I should do pretty good each time. I may be more fatigued each time. I can live with that. I am just focusing on being healed completely. I am praying that this working and everything is going to be ok.

Nichole thank you so much for the box of sweet and very thoughtful things. The girls and Mike loved the words of encouragement. As a mom, women and friend I want to thank you so much for the love and comfort you are sending this way. I am blessed to know you.

Thank you God for everything you have given me and I am so thank for all of you. God thank you for holding my hand and sending these friends to me to remind me of you Amen.

Love Cindy

PS-Just send me a request on how many bracelets and what you want them to say and Alexa will be happy to put it in the or PO BOX 20583 Greenville,Nc 27858