Day 12 Good day-half way done with 1st

I actually cleaned my house and homeschooled today! I was so excited. I woke up today a little weak at first. I was able to drive Alexa to school this morning. It felt good:)

I went and had my labs done today and they were happy with my white, red and platelet counts. They seemed surprise. Of course being the first time I was not sure what they could actually be but I am not complaining. If they were good goody for me. The only thing they were worried about was on my face I have a booboo (pimple) and it just needs to be watched because it can get infected and make me sick. So I am on it!

Now I am halfway done with the 1st treatment. Hooray for me. So pray that I continue to do as well as I have done. I will continue to eat well, take my medicine and rest when needed. Thanks for pushing me on. So far this has been amazing. If that is even the right thing to say.

Keep lifting me up
Love Cindy