Day 18-Picture the future you want and claim it!


Well today I felt good. I have not taken any medicine in 3 days. The girls are doing great. So I am trying to get mentally prepared for Friday. I will go over my day on Wednesday. I will need your support. I want to get focus, positive and feeling good. I have been back on a raw diet this week. Keeping the body detoxed. I did have some (small) dark chocolate. It was so good! Organic, whole wheat, lots of veggies and thick skin fruit. I learned something new from the nutritionist I can freeze my bananas and they are OK to eat. I am dreaming of a frozen banana with organic dark chocolate covering it. Yum:)

Thurs I am going to recap the last 3 weeks. Can you believe it. I almost there. Lets pray: Dear Heavenly Father thank you for walking and holding my hand. Thank you for carrying me when I could not walk another step. Thank you for sending me all these hands and thank you for giving me my heart so that I can grab on to hope, faith and believing that you are around me forever and always. Thank you God for my family. God thank you for sending your words that are coming from everywhere. My new friends, I love them. I am so grateful-Amen

Last night I had a friend call me and remind me of my strength and she told me that God had plans for me. She told me to hold on to He will heal me of all my diseases and that I will conquer this it WILL NOT CONQUER ME! I needed that. Today I had a friend that I met through this blog that called me today. Again her words were comforting and wonderful. God is shinning through her. The power of praying is amazing. Don’t ever give up. Life is wonderful. It is precious and I am blessed.

I want to praise Him for giving me the gift of these last few weeks when I thought I was going to be a train wreck. It is because of Him. Please praise Him tonight-Thank you

As you can see I am full of so much-sorry for going on:)

Sweet Dreams and Bless my sore head

Love Cindy

Ps- Some one told me to Picture the future you want and claim it! DONE