Day 19-Almost done with this go around

Today was a good day. Just started to look at the next few days. Tomorrow I am going to journal about the events for Friday. My mom is coming in on Thurs. My MIL is still here. She is helping with cooking and cleaning which I am thankful for. Thanks Yaya!

Of course it is about that time for October to come around and everything is pink. I saw a portion of Oprah today. It was kinda sad at times. I think it is awesome the Susan G. Komen’s sister was on the show. It is a great foundation. I will add my sister’s and mom’s link at the end if you want to check it out and see how they are doing. Pray for “The walk for the cure” Thanks Mom and Stephanie!

Thanks Penta water for sending me water. That was a nice surprise!! Tap water and some other waters are not good for me or just taste like metal. You taste buds change. So I am drinking water that does not have a lot of stuff in it. So thanks it does get expensive. So if you see Penta water grab one and drink it up and say thank you from me:)

3 more days and it the power of pink! So girls get your pink ready and pray hard for me. I love all you so much. Thanks for your support. I am so lucky to have you all in my life. Praise Him:)
Love my life

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