Day 3

I am feeling about the same. I tired but I cant complain. I have been taking my meds around the clock so I hope this is how I can continue to feel. My mom left this morning. Mike is hanging in there. He took the girls to the park so they could run and play. I know this is so hard on all of them.

I spent sometime making my lesson plans for the girls this week. I hope I will be able to hang in there for them until this is all over with. The are doing great. Learning lots about germs and keep the house extra tidy.

Tomorrow I go get a shot to bring my white count up. So pray that it will do what it is suppose to do. I think it makes your bones hurt. Tues back to the breast surgeon to talk about a port so they do not have to stick me anymore.

Keep praying that the meds are killing these terrible cells. I am going to keep believing that God can heal me of all my disease.

Love Cindy