Day 4-Praying Hard-I am thankful

I went to the doctor today and got a shot neulastin(not sure spell). It is to help bring my white count up when needed. It was very painful but I will need it so it is done. I can tell I have mountains of people praying for me. I have been keeping up with my meds and I have not felt too bad. I feel like I am rocking on boat here and there but other then that I am hanging in there. Please keep praying for me as my counts will continue to fall. Hopefully the shot will not put me in too much pain. It may or may not make my bones ache. I am prepared and ready for the chemo to work. Tomorrow appt with the breast surgeon about a port so I do not have to mess with my veins too much.

Thanks for the cards Cindy and Keri! Alexa will be working on your bracelet tomorrow. She is so excited!!

God I pray that you heal me completely and thank you for all these wonderful family and friends. The power of prayer is driving me hard.