Day 9 Rough night last night

Well I want to post some stuff today about a surprise Mike gave me and about the batch of bracelets that are done but I am not feeling well today.

Last night I started running a fever. I talked to the doctor and the nurse next door came and sat with me for awhile. The doctor said that I needed to take Tylenol and to drink a lot water and watch my fever until it got another point. So of course I was so scared. I did not want to end up in the hospital or for the doctor to back off on the meds that I need. So I did ok the rest of the night. Today I have just taken things slow. I started having lower back pain and terrible leg pain. Well this is from the neulastin shot. It is suppose to kick in when you white counts are low. The bone marrow begins to start making more white blood cells. This is why my femur bones hurt so bad. So I will remember day 8 and 9 will be rough. Praying tonight for no fever.

Love my love