Day13 The day is coming…

Another good day. I felt pretty good today. I went through and did my regular routine. By the afternoon was tired so I took this body to rest:) I talked to the nutritionist and she said that my counts were very good so go ahead and eat more raw veggies and fruit while I can so I did and it was good! As I am amazed at how well I am doing I forgot about my hair until….


I guess the day is coming soon. My hair is coming out little bit at a time. It is almost like I am shedding so it is sad. I thought I was a little more prepared than I was this morning. It took me a good while to grow my hair and love it so:) I will be OK thou.

Tomorrow another game and I hope to make it! At least I made the first so we will see. Thanks again for walking this journey with me. I hope that someone like myself can use this to guide them and encourage them. Since BC does not run in my family I did not know what to expect so here is my way of the real deal. A day in the life of a 38yr old mom living and coping with breast cancer. Fighting is the only option!

Sweet Dreams