Talking to the Girls

Well one of the things I was dreading was talking to the girls. I decided to tell them separately. I started with Alexa. I knew I did not want to start the conversation with I have CANCER and scare her. So I tried to talk to her about some bad cells living inside my body that are not healthy. She immediately said “mom do yo have cancer” I froze for a moment and thought kids are so smart. I replied yes baby. She look scared but told me that I was going to be fine. I just needed to BELIEVE. She was amazing. She started saying I will do anything. I will ride the bus, I will help you do whatever. My husband was crying so hard I had to ask him to relax. Alexa began to make bracelets for all my family and neighbors. They are pink beads with the words believe, hope or faith on them. She wants everyone to wear them and save my life. I could not believe that in a days time she had made them and was knocking on doors and putting them on. It has kept her busy. She wants to start her own little business with these bracelets to support breast cancer. She is a positive little go getter! 2 days later I told Savannah (9). She did not understand the cell story. She just wanted to know if I was going to be alright. She said she would not bring germs into the house and she would be good and help. That was a much easier talk. I loved that she is still too young to understand and carry any stress right now. 2 days later I told Madison(7). She was worried and of course did not understand but could feel my concern. The girls will ask questions here and there. Madison came up to me yesterday and said “Daddy pinky sweared me that you were going to be ok” It took my breath away.

Next appt on Wed-taking forever to start. I have been trying to detox my body. I am suppose to be drinking penta water. It is very expensive and I have to drink a lot of it. Any advice on food. I am following a vegan diet right now. It gets boring thou.

Thanks for all you support/ Keeping praying for me. Pray for some answers on wed. Pray that the chemo works and pray that it stays away from my organs and bones.

Love Cindy

God please heal me