Tomorrow-Say a prayer for me

I think all of my test are done and results are in. I will be seeing a new oncologist. My insurance company is not going to pay for the oncologist that I was seeing. So I will be seeing the new one tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel a connection with her. Of course I am extremely scared. I am praying that there is no bad news.

I have been working hard on my diet and exercising as much as I can. I am trying to keep busy as I wait. I cant explain the thoughts that run through my mind. I look around and notice so much more. I truly want to live. I want to see my girls grow up. It is such an uncertain feeling sometimes. I try hard to trust and believe. I look at my wrist. I think about what my daughter keeps telling me.

Lord give me strength

Thanks again for everything
Nicki-thanks for the email