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Day 20-Thurs is my last day of round one

I am starting to get extremely nervous. I am trying to figure out what all I have to do to be ready. Tomorrow homeschool as much as I can concentrate on. I need to write down all of my questions so I will not forget to ask my dr when I am there. I have Alexa's game. She is handling everything … [Read more...]

update on Alexa

Mike took Alexa to have her ultrasound. So I heard what he said. Of course it did not make much since. Dr. Brinn called shortly after he is Alexa pediatrician. He told me that the pediatric radiologist felt like it was were the artery and vein meets and it made a little knot full of blood. There … [Read more...]

Quick Post- Alexa

Alexa found a pea size lump on herself. She is having an ultrasound today 12:30. Mike is going to take her. I can not believe this is happening right now. Oh please let this be nothing.Pray for herCindy … [Read more...]