Day 1- Praising God…Shrinking

I am back thank you so much for praying hard. I am so tired and feeling kinda icky. That is the drill thou.

The words that I long to hear every time I see my Dr: it is working…and I say how do you know…she says I seems to be 1cm and it was 2.4cm…I said what about a scan….she said we dont need one I can tell…she said after 3treatments it is working. Thank you Lord!

Dont lift the praises up throw them up and jump with me! I love you all. Well I am back to the beginning. Pray for a restful weekend. I am signing out tonight. I am so exhausted but so happy.

Love to all- Onie and Michele the girls say thank you! Yvonne and Nichole thanks for the cards!
Love and ThanksCindy

Cindy Happy 50th Birthday!