Day 10 Catch up

I am feeling ok today. I started running a fever yesterday but low enough that I did fine! Praise and sing:) I am very sore but that is my little reassurance that my white counts are working hard. I am ready to get up off this couch but my body is not ready so I will listen to it and rest.

Things to catch up on!

My girlfriend and neighbor signed me up and bought me a ticket for a breast cancer fundraiser here in Greenville. So Thursday night my MIL , Bree and myself went. It was a nice hotel here. They severed dinner (2nd time I have eaten out in 6 weeks or so) They also had tickets for sale for raffles. The baskets were incredible. I bought my and the other girls did and we dropped them in what would like to win. Of course they had a handful of survivors they recognized(Praise-want to be in their shoes soon) Then they called my name(Bree gave it to them) It was overwhelming to be the only one in the room full of 100’s of people. They gave me a rose and top that I will post later. Then once I sat down they said that there was a house cleaning service that wanted to give something to a currently fighting patient. So they called my name and said that she was going to clean my home once a month for a year. I was so emotional that I could not get up! They came to me. It was so nice and thoughtful. So the rest of the night we played bunco(never played ever). I had a great time. My MIL won of the big baskets full of so much I will post that later too. When we got home she handed me the basket of fun and said I hope you enjoy it. It was a great night. I hope when you have time you jump over and look at and you will see me on the 3 and 4th picture. So this mama went out on the town. Bree thank you for having me be a part. It was a lot of fun and I was glad you invited me. Thanks to the companies including Stokes Landscaping for donating tons of stuff ($11,000) Thanks to the Greenville Womens League for putting to together.

Tomorrow I want to catch everyone on me and the last couple of months. I want to talk about breast cancer and how important it is to be proactive. I love you all and want you to be healthy and aware.

I want to talk about Alexa’s bracelets because I am starting to get emails so she is ready to get busy. It slowed down and she needs to keep busy. Thank you for wearing them. It is an amazing feeling.

Keep me lifting and I thank you. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for me. I am blown away that other than the icky taste and feel days done here and there. This has not stopped me. 3 toxic medicines -chemo in my body. I am hanging in there. Lord please continue to use me for your Glory.

Love Cindy
weak but hanging:)