Day 13-Sweet Dreams

Today has been good. I did not do too much but I was alone with the girls and I did fine. I am starting to get a little anxious about my next treatment. So I am asking for you to pray for calm thoughts. My good week will be coming up and I want to enjoy it before chemo day. Thanks for helping and supporting me through.

I received the cutest PJ’s today. As matter of fact I received two and they were from two different people from the opposite ends of the country. Florida and Oregon. I love them both. So Laurie and Emily you are very thoughtful and I thank you.

Tomorrow I want to talk about food. What I have learned and what I would like to learn. If one of your gifts are cooking or you know a lot about healthy food then I need you:) Low fat and low sugar is what I am looking for. So I look forward to tomorrow.

Lord thank you for your gift tonight. You sent it to me at the right time and I am thankful. Thank you for that you are giving me. Thank you for blessing me. You are in control. I love you.

Lee send me your address again-chemo brain and I don’t know what I did with it. Your bracelet is ready.

Love Cindy
sweet dreams August