Day 14 white count tomorrow

ok lets pray that my white count is better tomorrow.

I have been reading a lot and looking at different foods. During different times I am able to eat different things. When my counts are good I like to eat most of my diet raw. Lots of organic veggies. The more I can stick in the salad the better. When my counts are down I eat more pasta and cooked veggies. So chicken is the only thing I am eating with pasta.

Low sugar and low fat. I have read cancer loves sugar and fat cells. So I am always looking for recipes that are good and healthy for me. I do believe that eating healthy and drinking lots of water is giving my body some great energy.

I was hoping to get more into this but I am extremely tired and I have a little headache. So goodnight for now.

Thanks for my cards Carol and Susan!

Pray for a great day