Day 18- Enjoying the days

I am just trying to enjoy my days before chemo! It is nice to have my taste back. Praise-food can be so good. Feeling good send the Praise up:) I did not have to take that much medicine this time-Praise. I want to focus on sending the Praises up because it is amazing how well I have felt. I truly believe that God has been good to me. I normally get sick pretty easy and I have been well. Please continue to pray for me. I am not sure how I will be each time but I know that I will continue to lean on you all. Thank you for your commitment to walking with me. Each of you have blessed me more than you know. Prayer letters, cards, fun and thoughtful gifts, praying and wearing bracelets! Thank you for being my friend.

Thanks to all of you that have me on your blog and having the world praying for me. Check out my girlfriends blog. I just saw it today and it made my day. Emily thanks for the socks. I love that you bought us matching socks. Your a wonderful friend.

Nichole bracelets are being mailed tomorrow. Alexa is excited about her bracelets saving my life. I cant wait to hear who gets them. Love your commitment to my family!

To another beautiful day