Day 2 Very tired and still sore

Today I slept most of the day. I guess from the extra medicine from surgery it has just worn me out. I have never been one to take anything so when I do it is going to work in over time. Well I am still a little sore but I am hanging in there. Thanks for all your prayers. I was so nervous yesterday and I knew the power was behind me. In a few days I will tell you more about my surgery when I can sit longer. I plan on getting a wonderful night sleep and a restful day tomorrow.

Monday I will be going to get my neulasta shot. My dr was amazed at my counts on Friday she said that I was strong and that you have never known that I had Chemo. Praise Him! I love you all deeply and I could not be driving on without you all. I am thankful. Please continue lifting me and holding my hand through this journey.

Sweet dream and a wish for all of you to be blessed