Day 20-Thurs is my last day of round one

I am starting to get extremely nervous. I am trying to figure out what all I have to do to be ready. Tomorrow homeschool as much as I can concentrate on. I need to write down all of my questions so I will not forget to ask my dr when I am there. I have Alexa’s game. She is handling everything so great. I still feel like I am in this dream sometimes. My mom is coming and my father-in-law. I will have a busy evening but that might be good. I need to get all my meds ready and filled. I start taking one tomorrow which is the steroid. I can not believe it is here. Time to start again. Give me the strenght to stay in control.

So how is my hair? It was looking pretty crazy and my scalp started hurting again. So I did it! Mike shaved my head almost bald. I was not comfortable with the way it felt so I left a tiny spike. It feels weird. Anyway it is done.

Friday is coming and I am scared about everything. Thank you for letting be honest about my fears. Crazy ups and downs.

Pray for the breast surgeon to be successful with the port. Pray that I don’t get sick from the surgery and then have to go to the cancer center, pray for the treatment to go smoothly and pray for a good weekend. Lord hold my hand and let me know I am going to be OK.

Thanks for my cards this week. More bracelets went out today. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for praying for my little girl. May you all be blessed!

Love Cindy
Please allow my to sleep tonight.

psanonymous the card was wonderful