Day 5 Need a check

It has been a tuff few days. I keep telling myself I can do this. I found myself in the bath feeling bad, sore and just very down. I thought how could I do this. I am only in my 2nd treatment. It is such a lonely feeling when you get to that point. As I sat there I slowly looked up at the high ceilings I heard my girls laughing and getting ready for me to come out and start their day. They need me to be there. So I pulled myself up and went about my day. It is amazing what a mom can do. There is no amount of pain that is going to keep me from being my girls mom.

I know the last few days have been very random and may not have made much since. All these medicines can make you so strange. Thank you for letting me vent, be scared and journal my journey.

Praise Him for a successful surgery! I am still sore but it seems to be healing. As soon as all this medicine is out of my body I am going to eat very healthy and pray that my white count stays up. It was wonderful to hear the dr say how strong my body did last time.

Thank you for your commitment to watch what God has in store for me. Love you all