Day 6- going visiting to your blogs

First I am sorry I have not felt good enough to visit or respond. I do feel better today. I hope everyone is well. Made another game! There is so much that I want to get caught up on. Thanks for all my cards this week. Thanks for all my new blog friends and comments. Your support is the best. Lee thanks for my letter!

I have a challenge that the girls and I want to do. The idea came from one of my girlfriend bloggers. She had a great idea that the girls want to take on. We would like at least one person from each state to wear Alexa’s bracelets in my honor! So Nichole, the girls have decided to use their money to make more bracelets to send you and you can help us take this on your end too. If you are up to the challenge you say the word:) This will keep the girls busy and they are convinced the world can save my life. Thank you for making this world a beautiful place.

So far we have:
AZ (did I forget any?)

Thank you Lord for all that I have. Thank you for a better day. I love you