Day 8-Counts low:(

Girls just left to enjoy the festivities. Hope everyone enjoys the Fall tonight and this weekend. Went to the Dr today and my white counts are low and I have been feeling pretty bad today. My results for infection did not come yet but they went ahead and put me on antibiotics. It seems my body drops low and I get mild affects from it so I can live with that.

I have to say this go around was harder but I am hoping and believing that I am going to bounce back soon. I feel like I have sounded a little weak but it has been a frustrating time since Friday. It is time for me to rest this weekend and listen to my body. Monday I need to get refocused and spend a lot of time with God. I need to get back into conquer mode. Don’t get me wrong I am fighting with all that I have. This is some powerful stuff I am carrying around but I know that there is my powerful Father carrying me when I cant another step. I know that He has plans for me. I know that He sent each of you to remind me that I can do this. I can do this and I will. I just need shake this off and focus. I know I may wonder why but that is when I am weak it is hard not to.

Thanks for being God’s helpers. For praying when my praying is so weak. Continue to pray I want to live and give God the Glory!

Shooting for Victory!

Thanks for my cards Tom, Cindy, Carrie thanks for making me my hats!