Day 9 Thank you

Well today as you can see I was in the bed all day. My energy is way low and I am so tired. I worked on my blog and said goodbye to the Army colors and hello to a Sister in Pink:) Hope you like it and it is easy to read. I have so much to tell you but I do not have the energy to be long winded. So it will be a date very soon. To be continued…

But I wanted to say thank you for praying hard for me. I am blown away because I need my white count to come up so I prayed and I asked for my circle to lay their hands on me and I woke up this morning in terrible pain. I am talking all day pain. Why am I happy because my bones are working hard to bring my counts up I know it I feel it. I have not had any test and I am not a dr I just know. So ouch *praise*ouch*praise is what I am saying!!! Keep lifting me by next Friday I what jump with my girls on the trampoline and bounce this cancer out.

Sweet Dreams(hope for me too)