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Day 16- Fun

I had a really nice day. I felt good. I enjoyed my sister and Sabrina's visit. It was nice to feel normal today. We sat around together making bracelets. It was fun and I enjoyed the company.I am looking forward to tomorrow. I need these days. Lord continue to give me strength. I am asking … [Read more...]

Day 15-WBC visit

Ok so my counts are up and I am doing fine. Thank you again for praying and pulling me through. God is good and I want to take the time to thank everyone for my cards: Carol and all my comments that are so encouraging. We are making bracelets this weekend so more will be going out. I am happy … [Read more...]


Many of you that do not blog (mostly my friends and family)have told me that did not know there was a place to read comments. This is the best blessing of all. Each post go to the bottom and click on inspiring words. You are missing out. Now that you know you can catch up. God is the creator of … [Read more...]

Day 14 white count tomorrow

ok lets pray that my white count is better tomorrow. I have been reading a lot and looking at different foods. During different times I am able to eat different things. When my counts are good I like to eat most of my diet raw. Lots of organic veggies. The more I can stick in the salad the … [Read more...]

Day 13-Sweet Dreams

Today has been good. I did not do too much but I was alone with the girls and I did fine. I am starting to get a little anxious about my next treatment. So I am asking for you to pray for calm thoughts. My good week will be coming up and I want to enjoy it before chemo day. Thanks for helping … [Read more...]

Day 12-Halfway done with treatment 2

Savannah, Madison and me having fun with some hats. Of course one of my wigs:) Thank you God for giving me days where I can not get enough of my girls. I am by myself this week and I am looking forward to feeling normal. It is hard but being at home and taking care of everything will never get … [Read more...]

Day 11 (day32) Awareness

I guess you are hearing a lot about breast cancer because it is October. Some may say yeah but I not even 40. I am not going to worry about it yet. Ok so then you think well it does not run in my family or I don't know anyone that does so I may not think about it but once a year. STOP! It is time … [Read more...]

Day 10 Catch up

I am feeling ok today. I started running a fever yesterday but low enough that I did fine! Praise and sing:) I am very sore but that is my little reassurance that my white counts are working hard. I am ready to get up off this couch but my body is not ready so I will listen to it and rest.Things … [Read more...]

Day 9 Thank you

Well today as you can see I was in the bed all day. My energy is way low and I am so tired. I worked on my blog and said goodbye to the Army colors and hello to a Sister in Pink:) Hope you like it and it is easy to read. I have so much to tell you but I do not have the energy to be long winded. … [Read more...]

Day 9

[Read more...]