update on Alexa

Mike took Alexa to have her ultrasound. So I heard what he said. Of course it did not make much since. Dr. Brinn called shortly after he is Alexa pediatrician. He told me that the pediatric radiologist felt like it was were the artery and vein meets and it made a little knot full of blood. There were a few things she said it might be but felt confident that it was not cancer. He said they were taking it seriously and she would be seen again in 3 months. I went round and round making sure how important this is and I do not want it taken lightly. So we are to watch for it to grow. hurt or become red. I just cant believe this. So I am having to trust that they are saying it is OK right now and they think it is nothing???? So keep her in your thoughts and prayers. As her mom I am worried but I don’t want her to know that. I want to be proud that she found it and continue to have faith.

I am tired now so I will update about Friday later tonight. Thanks so much for everything.