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Day 15-Praising and giving thanks always

Doing fine. I will be back on Monday. I am going to spend some time taking care of the house. I need to be prepared to be down starting Friday. I have chemo and it seem to keep me down longer this time. So I love you and look forward to catching up on your blogs this weekend and week.Take care … [Read more...]

Day 14

Happy Thanksgiving My counts are back up and I am thankful Much loveCindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

Day 13-Many tears fell last night but I am feeling better:)

I am slowly feeling better. I am so thankful for days like this. It sure is scary sometimes. I had a week planned of thanking everyone and involving the children with my blog...But I am just so tried and run down. So here goes a short version with a big heart of love:I am sending wishes for families … [Read more...]

Day 11-Praise with me

Thank you for all your quick and constant praying. I am feeling so much better today. Two full days of antibiotics and coast to coast prayer is what this sick girl need.Yesterday was very scary. All of the sudden I just started feeling like the flu hit me harder than I have ever had. When I … [Read more...]

Day 10-Quick prayer

I am sick with the flu! I am not feeling well and have a temp. I am requesting for lots of quick praying. Dr wants me to go to the hospital but is letting me take some antibiotics she called and in and rest first. If I do not get better I guess I will be taking my first trip to the ED.I am off … [Read more...]

Day 9

[Read more...]

Day 8-Counts low:(

Well they are not zero. They are 1. So home bound for now. Tired and feel like I might be coming down with a cold. Please pray that I stay healthy so they don't have to back off on any dates. I am too close to run into problems now.I need to rest but I wanted to thank everyone for making … [Read more...]

Celebrating My Baby

Madison making a wish! Happy Birthday sweetie.Madison loves babies.Mommy and Madison with our new dog. He is begging right now.Two tired girls right here.As you can see God is good! I was able to hang in all day. Madison loved all the attention from all of you. Thanks for the cards and emails and … [Read more...]


Some fun pictures of Madison in the last year or so. Pictures later from our celebration! One proud Mommy. … [Read more...]


Pictures from the last year or so! Will be back with her celebration later. This is one proud Mommy:) … [Read more...]