Day 11 I am back!

Thank you Sweet Jesus!! Sometimes it just takes a little time to get back on track. I love to go back and read cards, letters and comments to put me in check.

Without Him I am nothing and with Him I am everything. I had a wonderful day. Please Praise Him for being patient with me and for using each of you to help me when I am weak.

When I started blogging I was updating my friends and family on my life as a soldiers wife. I make friends all over as we move around. So it makes it easier for them to keep up with us. I never thought that I would have been blogging for therapy, for support, guidance and advice. I look back at things now and know that God was preparing me for this journey. Deciding to blog (thanks Nicki) and deciding to home school the girls this year. Since Savannah and Madison are at home it prevents a lot of germs from entering the house. It all makes since. The beautiful thing about blogging is all of you. There is someone out there that will follow my footsteps someday and when they think they can not do this one more day I can tell them you WILL and you CAN because I will hold your hand. There maybe someone out there that is going through something may just not be that big of a deal and shake it off. What about someone that needed to see this world is full of the most loving compassionate people that they have ever seen. Do you know that most of my sweet blog friends I have never met before. So reach out if you need someone. Sometimes things are not as bad as they seem. Thank you for praying for me.

Loving today and looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for my cards John, Terri, Nikki,Pat, Cheryl, Jessica and Jacqui! Conya thanks for getting me out today!

In His Arms:)
17 days until Madison BDay