Day 11-Praise with me

Thank you for all your quick and constant praying. I am feeling so much better today. Two full days of antibiotics and coast to coast prayer is what this sick girl need.

Yesterday was very scary. All of the sudden I just started feeling like the flu hit me harder than I have ever had. When I called in to talk to the Dr about my fever she wanted me to go to the hospital. I felt so bad I told her I was scared to go because I thought I would catch something going to the ED. So she called me in two antibiotics and told me to rest. Today when they called to check on me she said that if I had a fever while on the antibiotics that I would go to the hospital and would not have a say. I said fair enough.

I knew that I could count on all of you for covering me with thoughts and prayers. I am praying that I continue to feel better everyday.

I am still a little weak. Lord please let me get through this. Thank thank thank everyone. Thank you for fighting with me. I love you all.

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for giving me the strength to fight yesterday. Thank for sending me all of these prayer warriors. I am giving it all to you. I love you. Amen

I am thankful for you
shooting for better days