Day 12 halfway with #3

So I had a good day. I actually cooked dinner!! I was so excited.

The girls came back today and had a nice time. My inlaws are leaving tomorrow and will be back next week in time for chemo. Yuck. Mike is off Sat-Tues:) Thanks for serving our country Babe!

Bragging corner- Alexa made all A’s. After all that she is going through she was still able to handle her studies. I am a proud Mama.

Lots of random stuff I know you all can tell when I am excited. I probably don’t make a lot of sense and the simplest thing makes me so happy.

I have so much to be thankful for. Sharon thanks for all the scriptures. All my blog friends thanks for being so good to me. Laurie I am so glad you have a bracelet. All you Oregon and Washington supporters I am sending my love your way. Thanks for praying for me. When I am weak I know that I can count on you to pray.

I am just happy and grateful today. So as always I want to give up for our awesome God.

Sending love to all

Thanks for wearing my bracelets. If you ever need a replacement just let us know. I have been wearing the same one since day one. Thanks Alexa- I choose to BELIEVE!