Day 14

Getting my white count checked tomorrow. I felt pretty good today. The girls and I ate lunch at the park and then went to the pet store. They have been asking to go for about a week now. We were gone for about an hour and half. All I heard was how much fun and how thankful they were to get out. So that was fun.

Last night we had a lot of fun. My neck hurt for a while this morning so you can figure that some of my girls stayed all night. It was worth it thou. I think Alexa knew her bed was going to be much more comfy then mine. Madison and Savannah were so crashed this morning. It was too cute.

Lee I am praying for your family! Wear that bracelet with lots of love. Yvonne, Sharon, Cindy,Pat and Sherry thanks for my cards.

Thanks for all your prayers. I do feel them! Giving praise for another nice day.

Love Cindy
14days til Madison is 8