Day 6-Drained

Thank you for all the Scriptures and emails! You have been called and you have answered. I am forever thankful.

Hoping tomorrow will be the day that I am up and about. I am resting. It has been a rough few days. I will be getting my white counts checked on Friday.

Emotionally it has taken a toll on me. As I cried in the evenings wondering how can I do this My husband continued to tell that there is no option. That I am doing fine and to continue on. I kept responding with I am human and I am scared. It is such a terrible feeling. I have probably said to my children more than enough. Mommy can’t right now but as soon as I feel better I will. It is frustrating. I do understand that it is going to take all I have to fight and conquer.

Thank you for praying as I rest. Thank you for being a loyal friend. There are wonderful things happening and more to come.

Praying for strength
Love Cindy
1 day Madison will be 8 (she is so excited that this house my not sleep tonight)
Miss you Jeff