Me again!

It’s amazing to me how so many people are praying for Cindy and thinking about her each day in so many places. I’m not one to take things for granted, So I always tell myself that it could always be worse. I often think about the past,present and future. I cant imagine the past being as great as it has been because of all of YOU! I cant imagine Cindy not communicating with each of you via , blog,email and phone. Each of you reading have made this a bit easier to cope with knowing that there is great people surrounding us as a family. I’m so grateful to ALL of you! For each of you to take the time to call, type and send cards to someone you haven’t even met is amazing. Think about the ladies 50 years ago who were all alone going thru something like this. I also thank my Co-workers and the Army chain of command in being there for me as well. I know now why I’m still serving after 18 years! I want to thank Our immediate family, Dad, Monia, mom, steph,Jon, grand mommy, sherry,sue, ken, U tom and family and all the rest of the gang. I shouldn’t of started that because the list is to long to type and not nearly all have been mentioned. I thank our neighbors for all they have done! I thank each person praying for Cindy. I thank each person who thinks of her often and is kind to her and the girls. I look forward to our future and being able to met each of you. I think we should plan a party for summer 09 and get everyone in the same place for a couple of days. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!! ALL YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE GREAT!!!!!!