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Sharing my chemo day

Here is my day. This is the back of my pants. I came in ready to celebrate last day of chemo.Next is me in the chemo bay. Nichole I love my scarf. My shirt says FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL:) Next is my doctors (two ladies) my pharmacist(guy) and the nurses(sorry my eyes are closed) Please do not worry … [Read more...]

Chemo Treatment #6 Prayer Warriors Wanted

Today is the day. I am getting ready and I started getting excited, nervous, scared, anxious. I can not believe that it is finally here. The day that I have been waiting for. I want to take a few minutes and tell you how much it has meant to me to have all of my family behind me. You have jumped … [Read more...]

Last Treatment

Hey I am getting a little nervous. I have a cold so pray that I do not get push back from this appt. I wanted to thank everyone for supporting me during this difficult time. It has been hard but it will be worth it in the end. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. I am looking forward to being … [Read more...]

Day 109-Good Morning

Lots of random catch ups.We just got home last night. Yes I did say that. We went to Charlotte for a quick trip. We left Friday late morning. The girls were sick off and on all last week and weekend. So we are off to the dr's at 2 today. But anyway we spend Fri with Mike's family and Sat with … [Read more...]

Everyone is sick in this house but we are excited

Merry Christmas from The Summers' Wishing you wonderful memories with family Fighting like a girlCindy … [Read more...]

Savannah is feeling better

Thanks for all your praying! She is feeling better today. Praise!!Someone is taking Alexa's bracelets out of the cards. This is very upsetting so let me know if you receive one. We mailed about 15 of them last week. So far one made it. I know of 2 that the card made it with a slit in it. So … [Read more...]

Hard work and Money? Frustrating!!

First of all thank you for praying for Savannah. She is feeling better and this morning she does not have a fever. So we are going to plan on celebrating later this afternoon. So praise, dance and sing. Now I do not normally get mad but I am not happy. Alexa's bracelets are being taken out … [Read more...]

Savannah Noel

Savannah should be feeling better very soon. Thanks for praying for her. The doctor said it was viral. So no medicine for her. (happy girl) She is still has a cough but she seems to be popping up. I think the Bitty Baby we gave her today put a big smile on her face. She has walked around today … [Read more...]


Let me know when you get your bracelets. It seems some of you have not received and some received the card but the bracelet was taken out. I guess someone is looking for Christmas gifts in the mail. This makes me very sad. I do not mind sending you another just let me know. I will pray about this … [Read more...]

Savannah is sick-

My baby woke up at 5 am with a fever. Please pray for her tonight. She is still feeling bad and her fever is staying at about 102. With Christmas coming and her birthday we just want her well fast. Mike is having to take care of her because I can not get sick before the 31st. So it is hard … [Read more...]