Chemo Treatment #6 Prayer Warriors Wanted

Today is the day. I am getting ready and I started getting excited, nervous, scared, anxious. I can not believe that it is finally here. The day that I have been waiting for.

I want to take a few minutes and tell you how much it has meant to me to have all of my family behind me. You have jumped in and helped with the kids, cooking, cleaning and laundry. You have lived in my house and left yours behind without questioning it. You have sat with me during long chemo visits. You have driven me to doctors appt and to fill scripts. And most of all you have watched me from the beginning hear news and results that have brought me to my knees with screams and tears that have changed my life forever.
To my friends that have known me for a long time. I know it has been hard. What to say? How to act? What to do? You have been great. I love you and thank you for coming and helping out. You are a true friend.
To my blog friends. You have been with me since the beginning. You have committed to walk with me in this journey. You have kept me focused. You have prayed when I could not. You knew when I needed you. You have served our God well. You will be blessed. My wish is to meet you all someday. I love you and I am so grateful to all of you.

Mike, Alexa, Savannah and Madison as I write this I begin to cry. I can not imagine how it must feel to see your Mommy sick. I know it has been scary. I know it is hard to fight the thoughts. I love you all so much it hurts. It is a privilege and honor to hear you call me Mommy. Everyday is a blessing with you. Always remember that I will love you forever. Mike I know it has been hard to work and take over everything that I have been to doing to make our family run. I know that you are exhausted and drained. Even thou I know you are sad but you don’t show it. I am OK with it. Thank you for being strong at night when I am falling apart. Thank you for loving me and saying that I am beautiful when I am so vain. I love you!

Wear your pink, wear you bracelets and leave me a comment. It is time to celebrate and start a New Year. If have not left a comment or do not know how it is easy. Click on inspiring words and type away in the box, type verify word and hit anonymous if you do not have an account. I want to here from you and I need it.

Love Cindy