Day 109-Good Morning

Lots of random catch ups.

We just got home last night. Yes I did say that. We went to Charlotte for a quick trip. We left Friday late morning. The girls were sick off and on all last week and weekend. So we are off to the dr’s at 2 today. But anyway we spend Fri with Mike’s family and Sat with mine. I will post pictures later my computer is still not working. Everyone had a lot of fun. Sat I had tons of visitors so thanks Stephanie and Jon for opening your house to all my friends. It was fun and tiring all in one to see everyone. People I saw:

Nicki from three girly girls-She came by and sat with me for a while. Thanks Nicki for coming by and look forward to seeing you when I am back. Nicki and I were neighbors which turned into great friends and bible study pals. Love ya girl. Teri came by to see me. We also became friends after living in the same neighborhood. We sat around and ordered tupperware with the girls.She is always there for me. It was tons of fun. Love ya girl! My girlfriend from Miami Keri which now lives in NC. It was great to see her. I know it has been hard for her to see me sick. We have known each other since before school days. So I was happy to see her. Love you. Mary and Nicholas came to see Madison and me. She was Madison’s K teacher. We became friends and we love her baby. She has been a huge support to Madison when we moved. She has also been positive and Strong for me when I was falling. We love your family very much. Check out her blog and you will see pictures of our visit. (it is on my sidebar The Camp Fam)I saw my girlfriend Carrie. She was the one that just left here. It was great to see her. My girls love her and got really attached when she was here. Love you girl. Then I met Gayla she has been leaving comments on my blog for a while now. She is a breast cancer survivor for 15 yrs. She was very open with me and shared info and answered lots of questions. So it was great to finally meet. Love ya. Of course it was great to see everyone and I hope I did not forget anyone. Please know that it was fab.

My Savannah was with her best friend for the weekend. She is like our 4th daughter we love her and it was great to see them together. Sharon thanks for loving my family and look forward to building our relationship. Love ya.

Nikki (cousin) thanks for playing with the girls. It was great to see you. Love ya

When my computer is up I want to show you my ornaments. They are treasures so if you are still going to do it please do. They can come anytime. I love them.

Bracelets-I am happy to say that a few more have finally made it after a week or so of mailing. Praise!

Well it was a great time even with the fevers and coughing. It is time for me to get well and ready for Wed. Can you believe it. One more. I am going to pause and I hope you do right here and pray for me to be healed completely…..Amen! I am so happy that I have all of you. Thank you for letting me be honest. It has been a hard road and still a lot to go but I truly BELIEVE I could not have done it with out YOU and the PRINCE OF PEACE! Love all of you.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I love you. My family and Mike’s thanks for everything. Breeanna and Carson love you.