Day 12-Appt changed until Thurs

Frustrating but my appt was changed until Thurs. I was so hoping to get this out of the way. Oh well I will be patient and wait until then.

Today was the first day since I started chemo that I went to the park and walked for 30 mins. I was so happy. It was a bit cold and raining lightly but I did not care. This girl was gonna walk. It wore me out but I have felt wonderful today. So thank you for praying for strength for me. I so can feel what you are praying for me.

I know that there are a lot of new viewers out there. So I wanted to catch everyone up on my journey and who the Summers’ are. I know that I said I would do that yesterday but I am going to do it tonight. So I will post a little later.

Til tonight
6 days until Savannah will be 10