Day 16 Shop until you drop

I have not been able to shop until today. So I have been out for a long time today shopping. I am so tired but I bet I was the happiest shopper out there. While everyone is flying through the parking lots to find a place to park I am just like no big deal I will park where ever. As I am walking through the stores I am just wondering around enjoying being out while everyone else is rushing and stress out. Life is just to short to get caught up in all the crazy stress. Lets not forget what Christmas is all about. I am not. And yes I am about to drop!

Lots of bracelets are in the mail as of today. Thank you for wearing them. I will give a list of states Monday so we can see what we need to cover. Nicki I saw you have a friend in IN will see if they would like to wear a bracelet for her state? Thanks so much for helping. Also I am receiving the coolest ornaments. They mean the world to me. I will take a picture in the next few days to show them off.

Praising today and everyday. Still BELIEVING!

2 days until my blue eyed Savannah is 10