Day 18-Good day

I am feeling good. The last week is so nice. I have chemo # 5 on Friday. Sometimes I still can not believe that I am going through this. I really want to this one over with. The colder it gets the more chances for the flu. So pray that I stay healthy through the next month.

Thank you so much for all the support that you continue to send. I love reading and hearing from you. You are serving our God well and I thank you for it.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Around our table giving thanks was a lot of tears. Mom had all of us crying. Anyway I am thankful for my life and meeting all of you. Thanks to my inlaws and mom for having Thanksgiving here with us.

Alexa still is working on her bracelets. I have not been well enough to find more prayer warriors out there to represent their state. She wants to cover all the states. So let me know where you live and help fulfill her dream.

Happy December! Spread the word. Reach out and tell someone that you love them. If you are missing something don’t go another day lonely. God loves you!

Love Cindy